Connect Local Employers With Talent From Your Organization 

Livia Rusu1 martie 2024

As an NGO, the process of connecting local employers with talent can be daunting. Especially if you’re aiming to help multiple people get secure, stable and meaningful jobs, the larger your organization, the more complex this process becomes. 

First, from a safety point of view, but additionally from any other logistical angle. We built Jobful specifically to create a better connection between employers and talent, and to help professionals showcase their skills, their potential and their passion beyond traditional CVs. 

When it comes to empowering vulnerable people, finding the right employers becomes a crucial aspect, and we focused on developing the necessary leverages to make Jobful as friendly as possible with as many professionals as possible. 

If you’re on the fence regarding the way the entire process of finding employers and connecting them with candidates, here’s how we do it: 

Simplifying the process

Connecting local employers with talent often involves multiple stakeholders, each with distinct roles and requirements. The complexity of the platform can be a significant challenge for NGOs, causing frustration and inefficiency.

To address this challenge, you need a user-friendly platform that prioritizes simplicity while also offering the highest standard of accessibility and safety. 

As a third party, your experience is pretty seamless – both companies and talent can create accounts, you can always check whether the companies are meeting your criteria and communicate with them in this respect. All of this through an easy deployment and a straightforward interface that guides users through the process, eliminating confusion and reducing the learning curve for your employees.

Improving communication 

Efficient communication and progress tracking are essential for successful talent connections. You need the ability to monitor interactions between employers and candidates in real time to ensure that the process remains on track. This way, you can always know whether you need to reach out to more companies to make sure they apply on the platform, while enabling all stakeholders to update and view the status of their interactions as they happen. 

In this respect, both talent and recruiters are starting to re-prioritize fast responses, good practices and no ghosting. But creating an easy process for pre screening is essential in keeping candidates engaged and keeping companies interested. 

Engagement & upskilling

Engagement is a key factor from the first moments on the platform. Active involvement of candidates and employers leads to better outcomes and improved satisfaction, and to better hires – which is the ultimate goal for all stakeholders involved.

On top of everything, having the possibility to upskill talent directly from the platform through companies’ branded courses is a solid way for employers to create a pipeline of talent beyond the positions they’re actively recruiting for at the moment. 

Stay safe & transparent

In the context of connecting local employers with talent, especially in vulnerable communities, safety and transparency are paramount. Your NGOs must take steps to vet employers to ensure their legitimacy and trustworthiness, and we’ve made this process easier.

Requiring companies to create accounts on the platform ensures that only reputable and safe employers gain access to the talent pool. It adds an extra layer of security, reassuring candidates that the opportunities presented are from credible sources.

Good user experience goes a long way

Automation is a game-changer, especially because solving problems such as streamlining processes and reducing administrative burdens has become a priority for companies, who are now starting to focus on getting quality results.

Throughout the process, the candidate experience is of utmost importance. We created Jobful with human motivators in mind – we asked a series of experts for their professional input, and we have designed a platform that is people centric instead of process centric. 

On top of this, we’ve also taken all the necessary measures to ensure that we’re respecting any and all diversity, accessibility and inclusion guidelines, both from international organizations and from best practices in the tech industry. 

Through Jobful, you can create a fair, secure and pleasant recruitment process for the beneficiaries of your organizations, while attracting companies to help you integrate your pool of talent into the workforce. 

If you’ve got any questions, or you’re curious to see for yourself how our platform works, get in touch and let’s get 15 minutes to chat.


Livia Rusu

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