Empower vulnerable communities with

Match your NGO’s beneficiaries with job opportunities that provide financial independence, social stability and a better future. 

Whether your organization helps differently abled people, minority groups, refugees or any type of vulnerable people or communities, our solution is designed to provide safety and accessibility above all.

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Connect vulnerable candidates with the right job opportunities

Streamline your entire recruitment process to cater to your needs, from optimizing data to eliminating reporting bottlenecks and collaborating more efficiently.


Verified company profiles

We help you connect vulnerable candidates with forward-thinking companies whose practices show commitment towards diversity and inclusion practices - and we make sure they practice what they preach. 

We help foster healthy collaborations that help build more inclusive communities, to drive positive social change.


Helping candidates showcase their skills

Everyone deserves equal opportunity. At Jobful, we created an accessible and intuitive tool that empowers all candidates to showcase their skills and potential, in order to access quality jobs. 

We help you empower candidates to overcome barriers and to tap into their potential, regardless of background, ability, race, religion or any other factor outside of their immediate control.


Supporting transparent communication

Efficient communication is the first step towards successful partnerships. 

We facilitate this transparency and fairness throughout the process, to ensure that both candidates and companies make informed decisions based on the right criteria.

Choose accessibility first and protection against abuse

We designed Jobful to ensure protection against any and all potential bias and overcome possible reluctance when it comes to hiring talent from vulnerable groups. 

Support good practices as the standard for recruitment in your organization via our tool through:

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Connect local employers with talent from your organization

Bring stakeholders onto a single platform for real-time progress tracking and stronger client relationships. Boost communication efficiency by keeping all stakeholders connected throughout the process.

Make better decisions faster, stay on top of every interaction at once, and boost transparency through every part of the process.

Does your NGO recruit
on a regular basis?

At Jobful, we believe that it takes a village to drive social change.

This is why we partner with NGOs to help them in their mission to empower people. If your organization needs a recruitment partner, we’re here to help.

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Success story: Jobs4ukr

Empowering Ukrainian refugees through Jobful 

We take pride in the social impact we helped drive through Jobful in the nonprofit sector. The most notable example is Jobs4ukr.com, our first implementation for an NGO.

By partnering with a local organization and companies from our network, we built the technology to help provide support to Ukrainian refugees across Europe. 

Leverage the Jobful platform to create meaningful connections between your NGO’s beneficiaries and job opportunities that make a lasting impact.

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