Recruitment can and should drive value to your organization

Like any other business metric, recruitment must be looked at through the lens of generating short to long-term value. 

Build a coherent recruitment strategy. Grow a relevant talent pipeline & increase time to fill, quality of hire and overall productivity in your organization through an all-in-one career platform.

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Your team is your biggest untapped opportunity

Boost productivity AND sustainability. Create a climate of growth & make talent productivity a relevant business touchstone.

Get a better return on
your recruitment efforts

Build your
business case

Your business needs are your own. To make sure that you get the most of our solution, we’d like to meet you and to have a quick chat about your organization and your current needs. 

This way, we can walk you through the ways you can use Jobful at its full potential to turn recruitment into a sustainable, ROI-generating business component.

Projected Hires / Year


Average time to fill (days)


Average cost / hire ($)


Recruiting team size


Recruiter annual salary ($)

5,000.00 $

Current budget forecast

4,625.00 $

Projected money saved

42.50 Days

Optimised time to fill

Request Your Detailed Business Case

Optimize for results

Streamline your entire recruitment process to cater to your needs, from optimizing data to eliminating reporting bottlenecks and collaborating more efficiently.

One stop shop

Centralize your recruitment processes in one consolidated platform. Aggregate all the applicants from different platforms in one place and create an active database.

Engage with candidates automatically, develop pre-pipelines, plan future job openings, and prepare the right pull of candidates. Fill your positions with high performers to achieve your strategic goals.

Operational excellence

Get rid of operational burden. Our AI Recommender connects recruiters directly with the right talent. Maintain active communication with the Applicant Tracking System.

Improve efficiency and streamline the entire hiring process through AI screening and communication automation.

Analytics-based insights

Gain valuable insights into your recruiting performance and optimize your strategies through the reporting and analytics features. 

Identify areas for improvement and fix even the problems that you didn’t know you have. Make data-driven decisions to achieve exceptional results.

Bespoke solution at your service

Jobful is highly adaptable, so that you can deliver a native, branded experience to your talent pool that bears your signature in every way. Make it match your organization’s culture, values and personality. Then integrate it with any other HR tools to manage your entire recruitment process in one place.

Time to value

Because it’s designed to help you see results fast, your Jobful deployment will be all done in a matter of days. Our intuitive interface, the centralized candidate database and the streamlined process help you fill positions faster than ever, from day one, with minimal training.

Ever evolving

The talent market shifts paradigms at a very fast pace, and your recruitment outlook has to keep up the pace. This is why we’re constantly improving our solution here at Jobful, to stay one step ahead of your needs, constantly.

Make it
your own

Showcase your brand with an intuitive interface and start seeing results right away. Jobful is created to fit right into your company’s identity, so that you can maximize results, fast.

Make it
about people

Think of our technology as your personal talent enabler assistant. 

No matter how much you invest in your internal processes, they will only produce results with the right people on your team. We took care of the workflow, so that you can pay attention to the real value in your organization - talent. 

Impersonal CVs and databases don’t let the people behind them shine. At Jobful, we tap into the human potential by looking at motivators, behaviors and goals so that you can unlock the potential of your dream team.

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Are you astart-up or SME?

We know what it’s like to grow a team from scratch. We’re doing it too. 

Quality talent is what makes the biggest difference in a developing business. We’re here to help you grow sustainably.

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