Celebrating 5 years of achievements

We are Jobful. We’re a scale-up focused on making recruitment and engagement about people instead of processes through gamified frameworks & human focused design.

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Our story in the making

In 2018, we saw an upcoming paradigm shift in the recruitment industry. We created a tool to help employers to focus on people rather than processes. We started Jobful as a rethinking of the candidate experience through human focused design. 

What sounds like a pressing need today seemed very alien back then. Mid-pandemic, we pivoted our product to serve the industry even better, and to address it in its entirety rather than just parts of it. 

Given the nature of our product, our biggest strength is having gathered a diverse, multi-generational team of talented professionals. Together, we believe that people, not technology, ultimately drive organizational value.

Jobful in Funding

We don’t think that numbers tell the full story, but they do speak of our commitment and our plans for the future:

Our Accomplishments

Jobful team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

Proud enabler of social impact projects

We realize the privilege of being able to help the displaced people from Ukraine find a better future & regain their financial stability through the platform we’ve built. 

With the help of InnovX and BCR, who funded & supported this initiative, we decided to help companies hire Ukrainians, for free.

The support we’ve received has humbled us, and we’re so devoted to making this project one of the best so far.

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