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With Jobful for Campus, you can digitally connect your students with the workforce market for learning purposes, assessments and career opportunities.

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Make Your University Relevant

Universities and the Workforce

Make Your University Relevant
Sustainable Benefits

We’re proposing a series of metrics that skyrocket the relevance of your institution & programs:

Students’ support in applying for jobs

Your institution best handles the transition from formal education to the practicing workforce, and it can empower students to jumpstart their careers.

Students’ success and employability rate

Students’ active support during their formative years is directly correlated to how well they integrate into the workforce.

Build a community not just a memory

Only a fraction of your graduates stay connected. Our solution drive interactions between students, alumni network and employers, building your campus community.
Sustainable Benefits

How It Works

The future of recruitment is here to stay and it benefits your hiring team as much as it does your future employees:

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How It Works

Offer your partners a smart digital platform to facilitate interaction, networking, pre-assessing, and upskilling candidates and building a pipeline of future employees.

How It Works

Encourage students to seek professional guidance through your platform by facilitating first interaction between them and their future employers.

How It Works

Your graduates are your best advocates, and their success is a real launching ramp for your existing ones. Connect them with your students and facilitate a friendly knowledge transfer process.

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