Optimize your Hiring Process

Livia Rusu20 aprilie 2021

Here’s how to optimize your hiring process and your canddiate pipeline through a solid strategy. But first things first – A candidate pipeline is a pool of qualified people interested in learning about job opportunities as they become available at your company. You “pipelinecandidates because their skills, experience, and traits match a particular role for which there is no immediate hiring need.

Empowering Hiring Teams

First, we give hiring teams their creative time back through automating the pre-screening process that ultimately optimizes costs. We figured that since a recruiter spends an average of 3 seconds on a resume, an algorithm could predict compatibility between a candidate and a specific job with enough accuracy to be relevant.

Recommender AI

Our recommender system presents recruiters with the most suitable candidates, taking into account more than 25 dimensions of a profile, including skills, past work experience, values and benefits.

Candidates Pipelines

If you are recruiting in a competitive market, you already know that having a pipeline prepared before the job opening makes a big difference in filling and hiring costs. It also keeps your hiring team prepared and ready for new job openings. And since a lot of time is spent on building a pipeline during recruitment processes, we should be able to re-engage candidates in the long run

Through the Jobful Career Platform, pipelines can be built based on roles or based on key skills and can be engaged in matters of clicks through Challenges, Courses or new items in Shop. We are working with human motivators to build engagement and to match candidates with open roles.

Automated Communication

We wondered how many innovative projects a hiring team could fit when they used to send manual emails to candidates and schedule interviews. To give back creative time, we made it part of our mission to streamline communication both with candidates and between professionals in hiring teams.

We built customizable flows of emails sent automatically to candidates in different stages of the process: when we validate interest, when they forget to complete their profile, complete pre-assessments, or graduate from Courses.

Direct Messaging

We also built a messenger inside the platform to get the conversation going with candidates. Moreover, hiring managers can now update themselves on the stages of candidates, their assessment results and feedback without the time invested in personalized reports. We empower hiring teams by making sure they are communicating efficiently and for what matters most.

Eliminating Biases

Taking pride in your work is probably one of the most empowering feelings. By eliminating biases, at least from the first stages of the recruitment process, we make sure hiring teams take pride in their approach, offering equal opportunities to all candidates involved. We anonymize personal information about candidates before validating interest through the matching system by hiding their photo, name, age, gender and other personal characteristics.

We believe these are not important for the first impression and the professional experience should weigh the most. After interest is validated and both the hiring team and the candidate are actively involved in the process, the contact details are available to facilitate the process.

Just like we believe that engagement is the key to an excellent candidate experience, we are sure that empowered teams perform better according to well known KPIs like time to fill and hiring costs. And giving your teams their creative time back and the promise of a streamlined and non-biased process is a key element.

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Livia Rusu

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