Jobful 2020 - Year in review

Livia Rusu4 ianuarie 2021

2020 was quite a year – in front of crisis some freeze, some flee and some fight. We sure put up a fight and switched to a free trial model for a few weeks in order to support those in need to grow their businesses further as well as those who needed to reinvent their careers. 

Here is a quick snapshot of what we learned in 2020. 

Changes in candidate-04-04

The most popular academies

on Jobful in 2020



We launched new features

to support recruiters and candidates in getting to know

each other better. Jobful’s product milestones in H2 2020:

New features-05

New features-06

New features-08

New features-07

career platform-04

We launched new features

The most wanted features of our solution are: 




In lieu of conclusion

Jobful 2020 was a spectacle and it has taught us a lot about adapting to a new global situation. By 2021, we expect to grow our product and address a larger share of the market. Recruitment should be about quality, not quantity, especially since it’s a critical business process, and we brought that back.


Livia Rusu

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