How to Build Talent Relationship Management Efficiently

Livia Rusu8 aprilie 2021

Talent relationship management represents the process of managing the talent acquisition lifecycle. TRM is looking to acquire, engage, and convert the talent more efficiently and effectively and make recruiters more productive. 

Talent relationship management – At Jobful, we built our solution to cover the end-to-end process effectively: from attracting visitors to converting applicants. We deliver a higher level of candidate quality and engagement using different mechanisms: gamification, predictive intelligence and intelligent ways of assessing the candidates. 

There are lots of pain points in talent acquisition both for recruiters and candidates. Due to all the buzz and information, it became critical to maintain contact and expand the long-term talent pipeline. 

Using TRM you can do many of the same actions of an ATS, such as job posting, resumé screening, candidate contact. We built multiple systems to optimize and enhance recruiters time and effort. 

  • Integrate your existing ATS and automatically post the jobs on the platform. 
  • Use the Recommender AI system to find the talent pool that is compatible with your organization’s needs, saving you time and a great deal of pre-screening. 
  • With Messaging, you maintain the entire communication with the candidates in a single place. It’s more efficient, and you can keep track of them.
  • Use the Newsletter functionality to get in touch with the specific pool of candidates that best fit your requirements, shorten response time, and maximize efficiency. 
  • Use the matching system for ensuring that both you and your future employees have to sign off on being compatible before the actual interview. This way, you maximize compatibility without losing valuable time in the recruitment process to get to know your talent pool that qualifies from a technical point of view. 

Stay engaged online with potential new talent. With Jobful, you can easily create relationships with future job applicants in advance.

  • Engage your candidates based on merit, giving you the possibility to make upskilling fun through our Academy modules, where candidates can complete different courses.
  • Get in contact with a talent pool that’s constantly engaged through weekly challenges. 
  • Activate the passive and unengaged professionals by testing their interest in puzzles, problem-solving and overall match with your company’s needs. 
  • You can assess candidates on different technical and soft skills, which allows you to better understand the talent pool before the interview process begins without spending valuable time assessing candidates yourself. 
  • Use our gamification framework to tap into candidates’ motivators and make the process attractive.

Reinforce and improve the organization’s employment brand via multiple tactics that support your positioning: 

  • Befriending and referrals are an excellent way to keep our users engaged and to make sure that the service we bring to them is valuable. Additionally, this way, we ensure a recurring pool of candidates who, in their turn, bring new professionals to our platform. 
  • Motivate candidates through different in-platforms gifts and goodies allocated based on different criteria you set up. Engaging candidates has just become even easier. 

Prepare your pipeline in advance to hire more quickly when the time comes.

  • You keep an active database of potential candidates just by upgrading how you are looking at the process. 
  • With the Nurture System, you can find the right candidates while keeping the process as clean as possible is a great competitive advantage when hiring because it streamlines your work, optimizing the results simultaneously.

Better understand the talent pipeline and see where you have gaps, allowing you to be more proactive about future hiring needs sooner. You have tools to predict future talent shortages and take proactive steps to combat these before they’re critical.

  • We give you access to relevant data types that allow you to find the best candidates based on relevant metrics and reports concerning candidate activity.  


Talent Relationship Management is definitely a commitment for any kind of future-looking company that wishes to meaningfully engage their talent pool. This mindful perspective of the candidate-recruiter relationship translates into better results of the overall talent acquisition process, but it also extends further than that. Creating a healthy professional relationship from the beginning of the recruitment process ensures a viable long-term collaboration based on the same values and objectives. 

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