Free Whitepaper: How To Fight The Great Resignation As An Employer (II)

Livia Rusu26 iulie 2022

The Great Resignation – Managing the talent lifecycle in a way that benefits both people and the company you work for is never an easy deal, especially now that the market dynamics have changed drastically first during the pandemic, and now during the recession.

And while talented professionals are not actually disappearing from the face of the Earth (with stats showing that the number of educated professional increases constantly), attracting them and keeping them engaged at a 9 to 5 has become tremendously difficult.

Today, the way people are treated at the workplace is not something you can sweep under the rug, and it will eventually become common knowledge in your industry. This applies to multi-billion corporations as well as startups and small businesses, and The Great Resignation doesn’t discriminate.

Taking care of your talent the entire period that they work for you, being fair and making active efforts to bring out the best in every employee is definitely a metric that’s here to stay when it comes to the future of employer branding. The cancel culture generation listens to social metrics like this one and has started to call out companies who are careless when it comes to their human resource.

The first aspect that makes 2022 so difficult for HR professionals is the shrinking value gap between employers and freelancers. While it used to be that freelancers were not always reliable and didn’t always have an ecosystem of other freelancers who offered services that would make their work complete, the Great Resignation and the Great Reshuffle have changed all this.

But if you’re looking to revamp your talent lifecycle strategy, download our free whitepaper. In it, you can learn everything you need for your recruitment strategy.


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